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The KantanMT University Program provides students with the knowledge, expertise and resources to help prepare for a career within the translation industry. This academic program gives students the opportunity to gain experience in customising, improving and deploying Machine Translation engines using the KantanMT.com platform.

Unlike other MT technology solutions, KantanMT also offers a full suite of analytics and quality evaluation technology so that students can develop a deeper understanding of Statistical Machine Translation systems. This makes it an ideal platform to educate students on Statistical Machine Translation systems.

Students will have access to:

  • Customise - Rapidly train MT engines using KantanMT's extensive library of stock training data. Experiment using monolingual data, glossary files and PEX rules that dynamically alter translations on-the-fly.
  • Improve - Measure MT quality using KantanBuildAnalytics™. Run Gap Analysis and resolve unknown words rapidly to improve translation quality.
  • Evaluate - Evaluate the quality performance of KantanMT engines using KantanAnalytics™. Compare quality across a number of engines using advanced quality estimation technology.

KantanMT's depth of features and easy to use interface makes it an ideal educational platform for students. They learn by hands-on experimentation with the latest Statistical Machine Translation technologies and can immediately see the impact of these experiments using KantanMT extensive analytics technologies.

  University College London
Teaching KantanMT has been a real pleasure as it combines three characteristics: User-friendly interface, involvements in the various stages of the MT system and constant management of the input and the rules that define how the engine will work.
Emmanouela Patiniotaki, BSc, MSc, Lecturer, UCL

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