What is F-Measure?

F-Measure is an automated measurement that determines the precision and recall capabilities of a KantanMT engine. It can be used as a general guide to determine the overall quality performance of an engine. F-Measure is the ratio between recall and precision measurements and is displayed as a percentage value.

  F-Measure is the ratio between recall and precision

F-Measure is quick and easy to use and is automatically calculated for each KantanMT engine. Use KantanBuildAnalytics to track this measurement over time!

F-Measure measures how precise KantanMT operates when retrieving words and how many it can retrieve or recall during translation. This is why it is commonly referred to as a Recall and Precision measurement. By expressing these two measurements as a ratio, it is a good indicator as to the performance of an engine and its ability to translate content.

What is a good F-measure?

F-Measure scores range from 0-100%. A score less than 15% means that your KantanMT engine is not performing optimally and a high level of post-editing will be required to finalise your translations and reach publishable quality.

A score greater than 50% is a very good score and significantly less post-editing will be require to achieve publishable translation quality.

Improving F-Measure Score

There is a high correlation between the number of words used in training a KantanMT engine and its F-Measure score. Put simply, the more training data that is uploaded to KantanMT, the better the F-Measure score and consequently the generated translations.

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